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丽水乡村旅游Village toueism in Lishui Zhejiang


Zhu Shan village, new town, Songyang County, Lishui City, was listed in the third batch of Chinese traditional villages in 2014. Zhu Village in the southwest of Zhejiang heavy mountain, like a wild pumpkin, with the name of bamboo, Zhang Shantou, stone ridge, E Guanling, Fu Shan these in wild pumpkins, has its unique life and history and taste.



Zhu Shan Cun Zheng Cun Dian Hou Cun Zhu Dai Cun, including ladder and falling village three villages



Zhu Village, including the location of three natural villages


Dianhou, pearl, Lok Dai Ti Ling the three arrow across the small villages like a vine on the three Onokazu melon, lying in the boundless green.



Zhu mountain village surrounding mountain scenery


If you are driven to, you can cast from the cement through the village road into the. If you are a "tour pal", you can also enter from the village or the Guanling Road, from the road into the village, can be more emotional perception perception on the road a village, dripping with history.


Hundreds of years ago, ye, Cheng, Cheng's ancestors, along the road have come here. Yip's ancestors, had Shiju Maoshan ancient city, fine art geography, good access to water, swim to thirteen, see Daishan pearl ring of water around the vast arable plain an agreeable environment and readable, Ming Dynasty years Maoshan transition from falling ladder ridge. Yes, in 1370 from the road to find the ground of heart, and then was building a house,



Zhu village of ancient buildings and traditional street space



Zhu village of ancient river, the ancient stone bridge, yew trees and the road


In the southeast of the village, there is a hanging terraces, like a ladder, from an altitude of more than 800 meters above the top of the mountain hanging down, the village below the altitude of Ling Zi down to more than 600 meters, the village is the name of the village is like this. We mainly lived in the ancestral temple, was built in the. Falling ladder ridge houses focus placed on through the village and the rear room are on both sides of the source, rammed earth small gray tiles, some houses of two layers, two floor for the wooden structure in typical mountainous area, wooden plank wall wooden fence, on the gable end on the floor, the village has two house with a wooden ball from the eye the peony, Songhe and Fengqi corbel carved fine, immediately sealed monkey and other auspicious patterns Qin head Qin Fang, even the stone plinth is carved, in front of the door of the station, wharf wall stone and a house auspicious, silently looking once the main house.



Zhu village of ancient ancestral temple


Cheng, in the county of Songyang has a glorious history, their ancestor Cheng Kuang in Tang Qian Fu years as Songyang, because the Huang Chao rebellion, Qing Meng settled in Songyang. When transferred to the twelve world, Cheng Yu and Zhang Cheng brothers admitted in 1193 two Jinshi and 1202 respectively, so the family changed the name "gift horse street". Now the Horse Street outside built in 1499 with rain and James Zhan Bao Cheng Yu Jinshi church, the brothers than their brothers 300 years earlier. There is such a glorious history of the population with reproduction, family and growth, after each branch with family residence around. Born in 1298, Fu Cheng Cheng Yue two brothers, the mountain land in the Pearl River Dai the mountains, after the brothers came here to play, see the mountains and water around the Dragon hold Hu Ju, it will be the home stay here.



Zhu Cheng's ancestral village


I have been told that Songyang is the most valuable ancestral village Zhu Cheng's ancestral temple, asked the reason, the original is in the ancestral hall there are two square column material is actually the yew tree. According to the research, the fourth century old tree species, which is left over from the glaciers of the century, has been grown for about 2500000 years and enjoys the reputation of "natural living fossil" in the plant kingdom. It is a hard material, "1000 million red fir fir, when not a saying, Torreya tree" its dense texture, Alice cracks, corrosion resistance strong, the two columns standing in Cheng's ancestral hall for hundreds of years, they are like two deep and hearty old man stood in the ancestral hall, a witness the incense.



Zhu Shan Cun Zhu Dai village of ancient houses


Zhu Shan Cun Zhu Dai village natural flavor of life, between the mountains vacated by small ground clearing a stretch of vegetable, some houses around the house filled with red yellow white flowers open particularly in autumn Yan qing. In the walls, doors closed, the door "luck", the amount of stone door around the upper and lower are exquisite stone carvings, this house is always daydreaming, there lived what people here had what kind of splendor.



South to Songyang Zheng is in the quarter of the year E rooted in bamboo, after the children dispersed to the mountain village of Zhang Shantou, Zhu Zheng, when from Zhushan, unknown.



Zhu Village natural village of ancient houses behind


Zhu Village natural village is located in the West Village behind the house, in the height, in the lower field. It is said that the name is because after the ancient temple village. Outside the village of Wang Temple, the middle of the hall sat Guan Yu, left for the black dragon of Kansai Han Zhou Cang Guan, right in five when the son Guan Guan ping. The village has a small courtyard, "Fu", while dedicated flat water king of kings, hanging on the eaves Fang Ming Wanli two years "an agency made" plaque, on the other side of the stage, red pillars painted black gold gilding antithetical couplet: since ancient times today see military rulers, from the beginning to


Dianhou village or the real wall meet the eye everywhere, everywhere in each period left slogans, such as "Dazhai" and "grain as the key link", "militia is the victory". In a collapsed house, the old black nave siding posted on the write the red paper, "as in worship" to become a full respect of the incense hall, Xu Hou, Chen Linli, Mrs. King three Tangge Wednesday, the nineteen Doctor Wang Dazhen Jun and Nanyang County sent a public pro.



The ancient folk houses of the natural village in the village of Zhu Shan


Zhu Dai and the rear are built in the mountains of the feet, the water side, between the two villages and a "Fu Qian she, top water silently watering is intricately linked to the falling ladder ridge, pearl Dai and rear village, three major surnames from road to jade rock, ancient city, the county and the Township the village sent a daughter, and from the village of Mendanghudui family usher in a daughter, one in a series of weddings and funerals in The new supersedes the old., in the silence of the countryside in a village life and multiply.


These scattered in the mountains, such as pumpkin in the same village, the taste of them, they need your perception of life, slowly.


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