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Potala Palace is located in Tibet Lhasa city northwest of Hongshan mountain, is a castle style buildings, originally built for Song Xan Gan Bbu Zanpu of Tubo Dynasty married Princess Bhrikuti and Princess Wencheng and. In seventeenth Century after reconstruction, become the Darai Lama's Winter Palace residence, Tibet theocracydominant center.


The main building of Potala Palace is the two part of the White House and the Red Palace. The entire palace with Tibetan style, 200 meters high, the appearance of 13 layer, 9 layer only. Because it was built in the hillside, a large area of the walls and stands as the buildings and hills as if cut, blend, imposing. 1961, Potala Palace has become the country's first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Potala Palace was listed as a world cultural heritage in 1994.


Potala Palace was founded in seventh Century in the Song Xan Gan Bbu period. Seventeenth Century Darai V Lama after reconstruction, become the Darai Lama and theocratic information center. The main building of the red and White Palace, thirteen storey main building, 115.7 meters high, composed by the palace, temple, temple tower, sengshe etc..


The White House across the wings, for the life of the Darai Lama, a variety of hall corridor, beautifully decorated, beautifully decorated, the walls painted with the Buddhist painting, more than the hands of masters. The Red Palace is in the center, dedicated to the Buddha, like Song Xan Gan Bbu, Princess Wencheng and Nepal Princess Bhrikuti like thousands of respect, and the Darai Lama Lingta, gold inlay, with splendid color murals. The entire building covers an area of 10 square meters, thousands of houses, layout, well-proportioned, embodies the craftsman skill building in Tibet. Tibet Potala Palace is the center of the theocratic regime. Rebuilt after August 1990.


Potala Palace is built, buildings overlap, Saga temples, magnificent momentum, has turned out the gas through the sky, solid granite wall thickness of pier, matsutake flat PEMA grass wall collar, beautiful decoration Jinding, with a strong decorative effect, and a bottle of Campbell huge gilt prayer flags, Red Cross matched Hui, contrast white, yellow, three colors, and branch building, building layers of sleeve type, reflects the ancient Tibetan architectural feature charming. Potala Palace is an outstanding representative of Tibetan architecture, but also the Chinese nation for the essence of ancient buildings.


Potala Palace, Ishi Ki staggered construction, the palace itself contains the cultural connotation, and ridge ornament embellishment by column, Aquarius, Capricorn fish, Garuda, the entire palace is magnificent. Hall murals are a unique landscape of the Potala Palace, in which called giant painting art gallery, which records the history of Buddhism in Tibet, and the life of Darai V, Princess Wencheng to Tibet process.


The palace was designed and built according to the plateau sunlight of wall wide and strong, have extensive tunnels and vents below the wall base. There are brackets, columns, beams and rafters, the sparrow house, consisting of supporting frame. Paving and roofing is hard soil called "Al Ga", top of the hall and dormitory have a skylight, for lighting, air mediation. In column beam with various carvings, colored murals on the wall area of more than 2 thousand and 500 square meters.


Intrauterine is a collection of unique to Tibet, in the cotton silk painting Thangka, and ancient cultural relics. Potala Palace in 1961 was included in the national key cultural relics protection units, in 1989 a comprehensive construction.


Yu Gong piled up, with the organic combination with many twists and turns, the mountain, the Potala Palace is the most direct feeling to people. Its appearance has 13 layers, from the foot of the mountain, up to the top of the mountain. The whole building is mainly composed of Eastern White House (Darai lamas live part), in the middle of the Red Palace (Buddha and the Darai Lama Lingta Palace) and Western White monk room (for Darai's services lama lama residence).


the Tibetan calendar (the Gregorian calendar in November 6th September 22nd) is Tibet's "seance Festival", the legend on this day before the brush clean room, on this day will come to live fairy. Every year Potala Palace first began to paint the palace, meet the seance festival with a new look.


  旺季(每年的5月1日至10月31日)门票200,淡季(每年的11月1日至次年的4月30日)门票100。金顶门票10,珠宝展10,灵塔殿10。可以免费参观布达拉宫脚下的雪城景点。 旺季需提前1天到西门凭身份证领取预约券,第2天根据预约券所标的时间(提前20分钟)由正门(南门)进入买票参观,每天限票2300张。除节假日及重大活动外,布达拉宫每天上午9:00-12:00 下午15:30-16:30对游客开放

Tickets and open time:
Season (from May 1st to October 31st per year) 200 yuan per ticket, low season (from November 1st to April 30th the following year) 100 yuan tickets. Jinding jewelry exhibition tickets 10 yuan, 10 yuan, 10 yuan pagoda temple. You can visit Potala Palace at the foot of the Syracuse free attractions. Season 1 days in advance to Simon the ID card to receive booking tickets, booking tickets for second days according to the standard of the time (20 minutes earlier) by Front Gate (South Gate) to buy a ticket to visit, daily limit of 2300 tickets. In addition to holidays and major events, Potala Palace 9:00-12:00 pm every morning to open the 15:30-16:30



Traffic survey:
Potala Palace is located in the center of Lhasa,, from the tourist accommodation of Beijing East Road can walk to the taxi 10 yuan, 3 to 5 yuan tricycle can be arrived.




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