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宁夏特色风味小吃Ningxia special flavor snacks


Ningxia delicacy both central plains tradition and Muslim flavor, here, you can taste not greasy smell of mutton halal food, halal food, there are sweet and sour carp, the Yellow River dove fish, steamed lamb, sheep offal, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup etc.. In addition to the distinctive Hui snacks, such as steamed lamb meat, seaweed, money, etc. the camel palm grilled mutton slices cooked in hot pot. Shahu is rich in carp, silver carp and bighead carp, grass carp, crucian carp and Wuchang fish, rare in the north big turtle, so in a Shahu restaurant, a special fish feast in Shahu. You can also find the Hui family Hospitality House, a taste of the unique delicious snacks hui.


Known as the "Jiangnan" said the people of all ethnic groups in Ningxia, to eat rice and wheat flour mill. The Hui people have a lot of stress and taboo in the diet. These practices cover the source of Islam. For example, "the Koran" said: "the only forbidden you from eating dead, blood, pork, and any other than Allah ordered slaughtered animal." At ordinary times, all the food cooking utensils, meals are not, do not meet the financial. Hui people eat cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and other edible livestock and poultry slaughter, generally please Imam in special circumstances, please understand the slaughter rules of Muslims killed. Steamed lamb, mutton, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, mutton powder soup, stew lamb, mutton, spicy fried chicken, Roasted Chicken, roast beef, sheep offal, all taste delicious, with one.


1, Yinchuan lamb meat



When the lamb choose wether or under the age of sheep made. The lamb after slaughter, to the skin and internal organs, wash in a large pot, and onions, pepper and other seasonings. To stir, steamed, braised. Popular in Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang Province, the four provinces of the Hui communities, are all around the characteristics of Muslim food. "Winter to eat lamb race, spring, summer, autumn food also keep fit." According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "lamb warm in the tonic, Buzhongyiqi, appetizer Powerlifting, kidney", for Yuanyang, to help make blood, tonifying strain. Often eat mutton to improve people's physical quality and disease resistance is very useful.


2, stuffed leather



Ferments hides is one of the unique flavor snacks, Hui, this delicious snacks. Economic benefits, both food and rice. At the same time, it is "fast food", as long as the stuffed leather stand, one or two minutes to the mouth, so loved by the masses. When eating, to rinse a good wine leather cut into thin strips, top with a few steamed, sliced noodles, doused with chili oil, vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, mustard sauce, the eye color, smell and taste, in the hot summer, if you can eat a dish of wine but suddenly feel cool and refreshing, appetite. Ferments hides throughout the year are sold, which is characterized by the color orange and transparent, tastes soft and pliable, good special flavor.


3, braised snacks



The defender in chowder, also known as braised snacks. Stewed snack is a traditional famous snacks, all parts of Ningxia have made. The shape of similar clip board, tofu, vermicelli, gluten, spinach, meatballs, plus clear soup, always let people could not help but drink bowls. "A" is a famous traditional delicacies in ancient Chinese are produced. The defender of the prime chowder very its own characteristics, and have tasted in a centre back all who praised the "high quality and inexpensive, distinctive features, have a distinctive flavour".


4, you Steamed Jiaozi



You Steamed Jiaozi, as the name suggests, is a skin surface, with meat filling Steamed Jiaozi. Naked oats Steamed Jiaozi stuffing, the flavor is also different, but you face the inherent fragrance unchanged.


5, mutton sub surface



Mutton sub surface is Ningxia famous traditional pasta. In Yinchuan, the high streets and back lanes can be seen everywhere, ground lamb noodle. It is said by the early Tang Dynasty "longevity" evolved, as the elderly birthday, the birthday of children and other holiday guests to share with "Fushoushan Yannian" means.


6, Ningxia stone baked sheep



Ningxia stone stone will roast lamb hot food placed directly on the stone and cooked. This kind of stone is baked in a way that is more uniform and unique in flavor. Five thousand years ago the stone cooking legacy, still exist, for all visitors to the northwest.


7, the oat potatoes fish



The oat potatoes fish is the local characteristics of Yinchuan Home Dishes. Noodle, rich ingredients, bright color.


8, mutton old rub face



Mutton rub noodles is a popular flavor in Ningxia. There's a little bit like Xi'an. The surface and roll into a film, cut into thin strips, hand rub circle, such as Xi'an pull strip thickness. This snack features: surface meat fresh, unique flavor.


9, micro





Micro is a kind of fried pasta. Have the habit of micro in the Northwest region. At the end of the month the average Han wax production, New Year dinner guests, eat in. Hui, Salar and other ethnic minority people, in the year celebrate the traditional "Eid al AdhA, Eid, mawlid, and weddings, the micro surface as the main food for guests. Everywhere in Ningxia, during the festive, Hui women will show their skills, a variety of micro pattern different, with a festive atmosphere.

Micro is one of the Muslim minority flavor point. In the Eid al AdhA and Eid, every family table has a yellow disc cylindrical multilayer of micro oil.

When the guests arrived, they exchange greetings. The guests were seated, smiling master first broke off a bunch of micro oil delivered to the front of the guests, then pour on the flavor of the tea or tea, hospitality to the guests on the global master of Xinjiang Shihezi made love eating a box of sugar. The guests eat oil micro drinking tea, the master happily kept saying: "hot buy, Reh Maiti." (Chinese "thank you"), thank you for coming. San Huang Liang color, crisp and sweet. The Spring Festival, some people also asked Han ethnic neighborhood skilled help to treat micro oil, ethnic brothers guest, has become the common visible oil micro love of the people of all ethnic groups of famous delicacy.


10, fried paste.



Fried paste Bo is a Northwest local famous snack popular in Ningxia, Yinchuan, Wu Zhong, etc.. The characteristics of convenient manufacture, with rich aroma, spicy, taste very taste. "Paste cake" is a kind of cake cut into strips with Flapjack known, also known as the "son of Bo paste". The so-called fried paste cake, is popular to say, is the Flapjack cut into strips, a staple of frying ingredients into.



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