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江苏旅游与美食 travel in Jiangsu and taste the authentic food there


Jiangsu tourism you have to taste the top ten cuisine dishes. Su Cai refers to the course of Jiangsu cuisine around you, Yumizhixiang, feng shui treasure of the Yangtze River Delta region, of course, food should not be missed. Xiaobian give you inventory of what the top ten dishes of Jiangsu cuisine, in alphabetical order Oh! And recommend eating where to go to eat the best food the most authentic?


Jiangsu top ten food10. Jiangsu Nanjing saline duck


Said that Jiangsu, how can not mention the provincial capital, Nanjing it! Six dynasties of ancient capital, the city will be 10, the history of precipitation, and ultimately the development of food. Nanjing, of course, is the culinary representative of Jinling salt water duck.


Salt water duck is Nanjing's famous, has been a thousand years of history. The Mid-Autumn Festival before and after the annual duck is the most delicious, sweet-scented osmanthus trees, a bowl of duck, a cup of sweet-scented osmanthus wine, really is a ghost also romantic things, so Xianyang Duck its name: "sweet-scented osmanthus duck." "White Gate recipe" records: "Jinling August period, the most famous saltwater duck, everyone thought that there are sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant meat."


At present, Nanjing has the size of duck enterprises and individual large enterprises more than 1,500, the average daily residents to eat ducks in more than 80,000 or so. And light salt water duck chain stores have more than 200. Friends to travel in Nanjing, Green Liu home chain, Confucius Temple, and so are a good place to buy ducks, may wish to buy a few ducks, taste about "Jinling duck dishes Jia Tianxia" beauty.


Where to eat food to eat the best salt water duck in Nanjing?


The real Nanjing salt water duck to see is the brine, the brine is getting better, so the Nanjing salt duck has been advertised is the old halogen, this thing is the number of the more flavor, so Han Fuxing this century-old natural Is the best, as sweet-scented osmanthus duck, this stuff is improved, the local Nanjing also eat, but does not seem to Han Fuxing those old shop so with vigor, something bad. But now Han Fuxing and Osmanthus Duck is now a, do not know Han Fuxing is now sold directly from the osmanthus duck factory where the direct take. Salted duck can not eat vacuum packaging, must eat is chopped, it is best just cooked hot. The best after one hour.


Jiangsu top ten food 9. Jiangsu Wuxi dumplings


Wuxi dumplings, locals, also known as steamed dumplings, has a long history, with thin pork and praise the Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou area, is the traditional Han Chinese food. Dumplings selected fine flour, steamed dumplings, "chopsticks do not break from the skin folder," one said. Gently bite, slowly sucking marinade, delicious and not greasy. Marinate dry, slowly swallowed down, enjoy the delicious into the throat of the delicious, that is, "gently, slowly move, the first window, after the soup." And then cited a fresh squeezed milk, while watching the newspaper, while listening to old-fashioned tape recorders, this morning do not mention how beautiful!


On the dumplings there is a wonderful legend. Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong words, love travel, traveled mountains and rivers, the only love Jiangnan good mountain water, had six under the south. The first time when the southern tour, living in Wuxi sent Chang Park, the next morning to taste the local dumplings, and after the dumplings have been red and purple it!


Where to eat food to eat Wuxi xiaolongbao the best?


Now the dumplings in Wuxi, the best to eat should belong to Xi Shengyuan, the price is fair. The old Wang Xing is also worth a go.


iangsu top ten food 8. Jiangsu Zhenjiang pot cover


Zhenjiang, the most famous food than the pot cover, is one of China's top ten noodles, but also a well-known place in Zhenjiang City, the traditional Han pasta, known as Jiangnan "first in the world," and in 2009 won the "old Chinese name snacks Golden Tripod Award ", and has been successfully declared as municipal and provincial" intangible cultural heritage. "


Noodles, noodles have holes, marinade tasty, especially in the mouth to eat chewy, absolutely unique ingenuity, but also a unique style, and pay attention to jump, drift , Boil, pouring. Jump is the first knead the dough on the panel, smooth slip of rough bamboo across the dough, the jump of the man sitting on the bamboo, one leg jumping about 1,000 times to squeeze the dough into a thin dough pressure ; Drift is a big pot floating in a small pot, surrounded by ventilation but water does not spill, and the fir of the lid of the unique wood for the soup also increased the taste of a soup. Boiled is the soy sauce, Zhenjiang soy sauce, vinegar is very famous, but the Zhenjiang pot cover oil is soy sauce, add more than ten kinds of seasoning, earthworm, cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, wild mushroom, Yangtze River shrimp, Chicken bone, warm fire modulation, need two days before consumption. Pouring refers to the toppings of raw materials, such as long fish, waist, meat, minced meat, meat, beef, dry silk, vegetarian dishes, "pot inside the pot boil, hot toppings and then hot chopsticks.


There is also a story to speak of. Qianlong down the Yangtze River came to Zhenjiang, when Zhenjiang people like to eat noodles, Qianlong from the West Ferry ashore, to a noodle shop to sit down. Face shop owner warm and generous, and courteous. When Qianlong said to eat noodles, the owner does not know is excited or nervous, the following process, accidentally dropped into the sugar pot of small lid pot. "Why do you want to cook the pot on the surface of the pot to cook?" The owner shivering, worried about the emperor blame, but fortunately her husband Jizhongshengzhi, Qianlong, said: "I do not know, Surface incense comes from this pot pot. "Later, after Qianlong taste, really tastes good. Since then, the cover story spread.



Where to eat food to eat Zhenjiang pot cover the best?

In the Zhenjiang market is not that big, the city's "authentic" and "not authentic" size of the face shop do not know how many, almost every customer all day. However, the pot cover the face of other cities in the diet market, but few have been great success. Experts believe that, in addition to the tastes of people around the difference, the lid of the lack of production standards, but also a major reason.


Jiangsu top ten food 7. Yangzhou, Jiangsu fried rice


"The enemy of the Yellow Crane Tower West, fireworks in March Yangzhou", Yangzhou is located in central Jiangsu Province, is the first batch of historical and cultural city. Since ancient times is a picturesque scenery, Liu Yan spent meandering land. Years ago, Wang Zengqi "Dragon Boat Duck" to let people know the Yangzhou Gaoyou this place, but not only exists in Yangzhou delicious Gaoyou, Yangzhou fried rice.


Yangzhou fried rice is also called Yangzhou egg fried rice, Jiangsu is the classic Han snacks. Legend has it that during the Sui Dynasty Yang Su especially fried rice. Later, the emperor parade Jiangdu, egg fried rice also will be introduced, and later after processing and innovation, and draw the characteristics of Huaiyang cuisine "pay attention to color, pay attention to processing", the ultimate development of the local well-known staple food.


Yangzhou egg fried rice variety, flavor is also different. "Fried rice with shrimp," "assorted eggs fried rice", "three fresh eggs fried rice", "ham egg fried rice", "pineapple chicken chip fried rice" and so on, almost you can think of ingredients can be made fried rice. Selection of the upper stems of rice, soft degrees; cooking at the appropriate time, the accessories fried into marinade, and add a little soy sauce. After frying, m-body crystal, into a yellow full-like, shiny. Like to eat salty people can also add a little bean paste, or a little Laogan Ma. And then remember to find a beautiful plate, you can fully enjoy it.



Yangzhou fried rice to eat where the best food?

Some friends recommend that the most representative should be authentic Yangzhou Fuchun Chaos! In the winning bridge, take a human tricycle, there are a variety of price is not the same, to choose the best.


Jiangsu top ten food 6. Jiangsu Taizhou Huangqiao biscuits


Taixing, Jiangsu Province, there is a Huangqiao Town, Huangqiao town of biscuits with crisp and noodles, crisp stuffing fresh, well known. Huangqiao biscuits named after the famous battle in October 1940, "Huangqiao decisive battle", the campaign started, the local people braved the enemy Huangqiao fired fried to the front line positions, and wrote a military love the people, the people Yongjun magnificent triumph.


Huangqiao sesame seed cake is the old traditional Chinese snacks, is a Jiangsu cuisine, spread in the JAC area. The Huangqiao sesame seed production is also counted on the uncompromising attention, time-consuming intentions. At the beginning of the fermented flour with a rolling pin to drive growth strip, and also need to roll up a good dough to keep the biscuits bite out of the chew. And then will make a good point of the dough pulled down a little bit, used to pack a variety of stuffing, preserved fruit, floss, sugar or salt, etc., a variety of flavors. But this is not good enough, biscuits crisp fragrance lies above the sesame seeds. But sesame can not be so-so production, the need to be cooked sesame seeds, with a special material, evenly sprinkled on the biscuits. In order to make sesame seeds can not afford to, before the sesame seeds also need to add a layer of egg on the make-up dough. Finally put the dough into the oven. However, waiting for the fresh biscuits baked before the oven also need to pay additional attention to the temperature before they can guarantee the crisp biscuits to the appropriate benefits. Into the oven temperature is about 210 degrees Celsius, the time is 25 minutes or so, but every other minute also need to turn the fritter of the positive and negative, to ensure that the fineness and heat evenly.


So elaborate out of the biscuits, really people coveted. So what is a small partner so, to find a holiday, stroll Huangqiao area, wander about the scenery of the landscape, the revolution of friendship, to a Huangqiao sesame seed.


买黄桥烧饼么 当然是在黄桥买咯。你说的那个是筒炉做出来的那种。泰兴黄桥那里去买,那儿的是最正宗的,公园红绿灯往北一点有一家有的卖,你可以去看看,刚出炉的比较好吃点。

Where to eat food to eat Taizhou Huangqiao biscuits the best?

Buy Huangqiao biscuits, of course, is to buy slightly in the Huangqiao. You said that is out of the kind of barrel furnace. Taixing Huangqiao where to buy, there is the most authentic, a little traffic lights north of the park there is a sale, you can go and see, just baked comparison delicious point.


Jiangsu top ten cuisine 5. Jiangsu Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs





Speaking of Suzhou cuisine, but also a wide range, dazzling, but if it comes to crabs, it must be Suzhou Yangcheng Lake's top help!

Autumn in September, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, is a good time to see the full moon, but also the start of the season to eat crabs. And to the late autumn of October, the end of summer and autumn, this is the beginning of the crab has grown into a crab crab cream has been incredibly heavy, and crab crab also began to solid up, then really is a wonderful time to eat crabs.

Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, also known as claws. Produced in Suzhou Yangcheng Lake. Crab body non-stick mud, commonly known as water crabs, body fat big fat, green shell white belly, golden claw yellow hair. Meaty creamy, ten-limbed, placed on the glass plate can quickly crawl. When the golden wind to send Shuang, chrysanthemum in full bloom, it is golden claw crab season. Female lunar crab in September, October of the male crab, gonadal development of the best. Cooked condensation, the female into a golden yellow, like the white male-like, taste delicious, is renowned Chinese brand-name products.

Crab in China has been nearly 5,000 years of history. Yangtze River Delta region, through archaeological finds that our ancestors with the waste, there are a lot of crab shell, and in Western Europe, many countries in North America has not yet dared to eat crabs. In the long history of exploration, people summed up the three Chinese crabs, namely the ancient Danyang Dazhui crab, Hebei Baiyangdian River crab and Jiangsu Yangcheng Lake crab.



Where to eat goods Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs to eat the best?

The town is located in the northwest of Kunshan City, east of Yangcheng Lake, east of Shanghai, west of Suzhou, has a pleasant clean water style, tranquil rural scenery, is the famous Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs hometown, known as "the best in the world crab city" .


iangsu top ten food 4. Jiangsu Huaian Xuyi crayfish



Xuyi lobster is freshwater lobster, also known as Crayfish. Before the United States, about the 20th century, 30 years spread to Nanjing area, and later entered the Xuyi territory of Hongze Lake, Tianquan Lake, Cat Lake and other rivers and lakes pond, and 5 to 9 per month is the crayfish season, year Production of up to 5,000 tons. Taste unique, Ma, spicy, fresh, fragrant Xuyi crayfish has become a popular culture, food for thought, eat tire, widely loved by the cargo of their favorite.

And its cooking skills for Xuyi lobster enriched a lot, the most famous is also a hand grasping 13 Hong lobster. A pot of red shrimp, steaming, fragrant, bite, juicy and more meat, and Ma and spicy, fresh and the United States, and sweet and sweet, tender and crisp, really is unable to stop ah! , Because crab prices remain high, more ordinary people choose to shrimp on behalf of the crab, over the addiction, so Xuyi crayfish is also called "crab assistant."


Now people 's life getting better and better, for eating more and more attention. The Xuyi lobster fire up, Xuyi lobster restaurants everywhere in China, but also led to the local economic development. December 18, 2009, the first session of China's agricultural products regional public brand building forum was held in Beijing, the State Council counselor, former Vice Minister of Agriculture Liu Jian identified "Xuyi lobster" brand value as high as 4.13 billion yuan. And December 20, 2009, Xuyi lobster successfully registered, the first lobster "China Famous Brand" was born.



Where to eat food to eat Xuyi lobster the best?

But with the market more and more open lobster Museum, the local private farming of lobster is also a variety of market perfection, you want to taste the authentic crayfish, may wish to personally take a trip to Xuyi. In Xuyi eat lobster restaurant taste should be able to, more authentic than the field. More well-known hotels are: lobster leaves, in the lobster, A Bing lobster. But the lobster is indeed expensive, do not distressed money on the line, sure to make you brisk. In addition Xuyi garlic lobster will make you extremely satisfied with the oh.


Jiangsu top ten food 3. Changzhou, Hunan Tianmuhu casserole head


Since it came to Changzhou, then had to taste is the Liyang Tianmuhu casserole head. This is a traditional dishes of the Han nationality in Jiangsu Province. On the origin of this dish, know who is very little. It is said that because the staff of Tianmuhu reservoir fishing fish to the guests to do the next food and wine, but the fish is too large, so the owner will throw away the small head of meat, and later Secretary of the reservoir Yu Yu root feel sorry, put the head picked up In the pot soup to drink. After several years of exploration, simmering soup head, taste more and more delicious, Tang Xian concentrated, fragrant, tasted the people are all marveling its wonderful. Since then this dish Shahe simmering fish head on the famous. In 1975, Zhu Shucai, a chef from the army, came to the reservoir to further explore and finally developed a famous delicacy - casserole.


Its beauty lies in the choice of the finest live fish, wash and cut the head under the pot and fry into the casserole, and into the Tianmuhu Lake, with a little onion, ginger, cooking wine, parsley, pepper, etc., in the fire Simmer on cook about 3 hours or more, almost can be successful. At this time to do a good head rosy, fresh incomparable, coveted. In 1982, 75 countries envoys and his wife came to Tianmuhu, taste casserole head, all Jiaokouxun praise. And Deng Xiaoping tasted praised: "This is the best head to eat a dish tonight." Even an educator finished, three years without forgetting its flavor, and a poem: "silver head delicious, In addition the head also has high nutrition, good taste, for lowering blood fat, brain, anti-aging has a very important role.



Where to eat food to eat Tianmuhu casserole head is best?

Tour Tianmu Lake, do not taste Tianmuhu Hotel casserole head, great regret too! Tour Lake, the casserole head, will activate your heart of cozy, taste the beauty of your life.


Jiangsu top ten food 2. Jiangsu Xuzhou Peixian turtle juice dog meat



Although the dog is not humane to eat this thing, Yulin Dog Dog Festival has also been a lot of dog people to resist, but there is a place in Jiangsu dog meat is known far and near, and become a traditional Chinese specialty dishes, and that is Xuzhou Peixian turtle juice Dog meat.

Its meat was sauce red, bright color, rotten but not greasy, high nutritional value, and also help digestion. Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica," said the dog has a strong five internal organs, healthy kidneys, strong filling force, the accumulation of swelling of the liver, living water sores, make up five of the utility. Consumption of dog meat can enhance people's physique, improve digestion, promote blood circulation, improve sexual function. Winter eat, can enhance the ability of the elderly to cold.



Where to eat food to go to eat the best?

However, as more and more people to join the dog, dog market seems to be no better now. People are against eating dog meat, because dogs are our human friends. But the Xuzhou Peixian turtle juice dog with its long history and culture and unique flavor is still loved by the people.


Jiangsu top ten food 1. Jiangsu Yancheng East Taiwan fish soup noodles


For the sea in Jiangsu Yancheng Dongtai is of course the most famous seafood, the most famous than Yancheng Dongtai fish soup noodles. This dish is still belongs to the Su dish series, is the traditional Chinese pasta. According to legend, was driven out of the Imperial Palace by a Royal kitchen. Qianlong, East Taiwan, a shop owner of the shop, one day found a new street to sell the surface of the small stalls, they went to taste one, that thick soup, delicious and pleasant. I asked to know, the stall was originally Imperial Palace Royal kitchen, because made a small mistake, was driven out, desperation, had to come out to make their own living. After listening to the owner, extremely emotion, put the stall holders go to their own store, by his palm kitchen. Since then the store's noodles are all made by the royal cook soup for the end of the material. A pass ten, ten mass hundred, one hundred thousand transmission, so "fish soup noodles" in the East Taiwan famous.


As for the Dongtai fish soup noodles is the main raw material, soup white thick, refreshing and delicious, but also has a good health effect, spleen and stomach, tonic treatment of intestinal. People often "eat fish noodles, over the old birthday," said, no wonder the locals will say "eat a bowl, like three years."



Where to eat to eat the East Taiwan fish soup noodles the best?

Dongtai Yu Tang noodles originated in Fu'an, burnt with the thatched soup, taste good, good quality, there are friends to the proposed Fu An Street to see taste.



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